Manufacturing Solutions

Solutions to Manufacturing Process Automation Needs

Helping Manufacturers Improve Production

Pascal, a manufacturing automation company, makes a range of products to help businesses in many industries worldwide manage just-in-time (JIT) production. Our manufacturing automation equipment and products help to solve bottlenecks; streamline and automate manufacturing processes to increase productivity; utilize plants and machinery efficiently and safely; and reduce downtime.

Pascal Products Are Used in Many Industries

Our expertise and knowledge allow us to address manufacturing challenges across a wide range of industries and factory automation applications. While the majority of our work to date has been geared toward automobile manufacturers and machine makers, we serve a variety of industries, including:

Automotive: Pascal helps vehicle parts manufacturers implement, optimize and maintain fully automated, flexible and efficient production systems — with or without robotic applications. Pascal offers both Quick Mold Change and Quick Die Change which can greatly reduce downtime when steady production is key.

Aerospace: We have the knowledge and expertise to help your company soar above the competition. We understand the need for accuracy, quality, control and precision in the manufacturing process.

Medical: Pascal has several products ideal for those working with injection molding machines in medical cleanroom environments. A magnetic platen does not involve pneumatics and hydraulics, and so it is suitable for places with strict air particle requirements. It works for ISO Class 7 and 8. Pascal also offers numerous side loading options such as mold carts for places with low ceilings. One mold cart can be used for multiple machines to save space.


From Our Products to Your Products

Our clamps have been used to secure the materials that would later become faucet components, power tool accessories, cars, engines for boats and snow blowers, firearms components, and so many more!