Helping Businesses Succeed Is Why We Do What We Do

Inventive, Efficient, Eloquent

At DMT WORKHOLDING we are constantly looking for the most inventive, efficient, and eloquent solutions for our customers. We were excited to see Pascal’s internal air position sensing swing clamp technology in both high pressure and low pressure applications. This has allowed us to provide smarter fixtures with seamless internal integration.

— Scott Bower, DMT Workholding

Best in Class

As a premier servo and mechanical stamping press manufacturer, Aida-America only considers suppliers that exhibit the same best-in-class characteristics. As such, we have come to rely on Pascal Engineering for many of our Quick Die Change, and work holding solutions.

From design concept to after-market support; the Pascal team has proven to be a very capable, thorough, and reliable partner.

— Bob Adkins, Aida America Corp.

One of the Biggest Improvements to our Business

Pascal die clamping systems has been one of the biggest improvements to our metal stamping business.    Low maintenance, zero downtime, simple installation.   We have several of these system and plan on several more.   

— David Brobeck, GE Roper

Great Product and Service

The equipment is great and the install super professional.

— Jason Keesy, Engineer