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Pascal Engineering helps our clients streamline and automate manufacturing processes to support just-in-time (JIT) production. We engineer, manufacture, install, support and service high-quality, accurate, and reliable products and systems that help your company:

  • Enhance productivity
  • Increase output
  • Decrease downtime
  • Speed up processing
  • Improve worker safety
  • Efficiently utilize plant and machinery

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Headquartered in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture, Pascal Engineering is a leading global factory automation equipment manufacturer. We strive to help businesses worldwide succeed through the continual innovation and improvement of our products and systems. Our engineered solutions help businesses like yours streamline and automate their manufacturing processes, making them much more efficient and cost-effective.

A Little Bit About Pascal Engineering, Inc.

Since its founding in 1974, Pascal Engineering has grown exponentially from a single plant in Japan to nearly 30 facilities worldwide, including three production plants. Our U.S.-based affiliate was established in suburban Chicago in 1986 to serve customers throughout North and South America. While we are happy to serve all markets with factory automation services, our customers tend to be concentrated in the automotive and industrial machinery sectors.

Automation is a key tool in the ongoing challenge of increasing productivity and profit margins while remaining competitive in price, quality, and service offering. In processes such as metal stamping, injection molding, and machining, there is a wealth of opportunity for automation integration. By introducing innovative automation solutions, Pascal equipment can help with downtime reduction, increase safety, and boost productivity metrics.

Pascal automation equipment supports:

  • Injection molding machines: Quick mold change systems including a magnet clamp can drastically reduce changeover times. The magnetic requires no mold size unification, and it clamps and unclamps in just seconds. Other time-saving equipment includes mold changers, die levelers, die setters, couplers, mold flippers, and ejector rods.
  • Stamping press machines: Our automated quick die change equipment can improve changeover times and workplace safety. Pascal offers traveling clamps, die changers, pre-rollers, and die lifters. Manual operation might lead to simple mistakes such as forgetting to remove a clamp, resulting in damage to thousands of dollars worth of die materials, or worse, someone could be injured due to an accident. Using clamp sensors with a control unit interlock system prevents human error, ensuring that the proper steps are taken before proceeding. Existing presses can also be retrofitted with new automation equipment.
  • Machine tools: Pascal workholding solutions include a compact indexing table with 20 ports and a unique brakeless design that allows it to be used at high speeds in combination with large workpieces. For securing workpieces the following items are available: hydraulic and pneumatic clamps, expansion clamps, hole clamps, pallet clamps, rotary joints, couplers, and a robot tool changer.
  • Die cast machines: Die cast machines can also benefit from quick change components, freeing up time for productivity. The mold and die flipper is excellent for safety since it can rotate large components without a crane. Using a crane requires that the worker guide the mold into the proper position which puts them at risk if the mold falls or swings abruptly. The mold flipper rotates the mold at the touch of a button.

Inventive, Efficient, Eloquent

At DMT WORKHOLDING we are constantly looking for the most inventive, efficient, and eloquent solutions for our customers. We were excited to see Pascal’s internal air position sensing swing clamp technology in both high pressure and low pressure applications. This has allowed us to provide smarter fixtures with seamless internal integration.

— Scott Bower, DMT Workholding