Die and Mold

Pascal supports more than the quick change of the molds and dies for die casting, injection molding and stamping. We also provide gas springs for the molds and dies themselves. A quality spring is one of the main components that ensure overall product quality. 

Gas Spring Application in Automotive

Pascal gas springs are available in many strokes and sizes to meet the required force within the die. Typical applications are lifting stock, drawing (to hold the bead), blanking (to strip the punch) and piercing (stripper plate, stripper unit and cam units).

The increased use of High Tensile Strength Steel (HTSS) in recent years has resulted in a growing need for the gas springs. HTSS is very strong yet lightweight, and the reduced weight improves the vehicle’s fuel efficiency without compromising safety. Also, because HTSS is brittle and difficult to form compared to conventional steel, more initial force is required than coil springs can achieve.

Gas Springs in the Stamping Business

In the stamping business, downtime resulting from frequent coil spring failure can be costly. Gas springs are a good alternative for reducing downtime and improving product quality. A die with coil springs can be retrofitted with Pascal gas springs with simple modifications to meet your needs. We stock gas springs in our warehouse to provide same-day shipping.


Gas Springs in Press Machining

Gas springs have become popular in stamping die applications in recent years because gas springs have many advantages over conventional coil springs. Advantages of the gas spring include higher initial contact force, availability in compact profile (smaller shut height) and durability. Since they are compact and capable of producing high forces, fewer springs are required to achieve the desired force, which means that the die can be built with less machining and less material, resulting in reduced weight.

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