Gas Spring

Pascal Nitrogen and Mini Gas Springs

What Are Gas Springs?

Gas springs are an alternative to coil springs. Used to apply force and absorb motion or impacts, they can provide more force from a smaller volume than is possible with coil springs. This makes them an essential component of stamping and molding tools. For stamping and metalforming applications, gas springs hold blanks, support piercing and flanging operations, and activate strippers. In injection molding, they return ejectors, hold slides in place and move cavity plates.

Your Trusted Gas Springs Company

Pascal manufactures high-quality gas springs. Our company’s gas springs are designed for use with stamping dies, injection molds, machining centers, robotics and custom machines. Pascal’s gas springs are available in many diameters, stroke lengths and pressures. With the selection of the gas spring mounts and the micro hose link system, our gas spring products fulfill many application requirements.

The gas springs can be plumbed, using the micro hose, adapter, manifold and control panel to create a system with even pressure distribution. The plumbed system also allows the gas pressure to be visualized and monitored.

How Do Gas Springs Work?

A gas spring consists of a rod protruding from a metal body. Inside the body, nitrogen gas held under pressure acts against a piston on the end of the rod. Because they are filled with nitrogen, they are often called nitrogen gas springs.

Pushing the rod into the body increases gas pressure, which results in the spring applying more force. Stroke, force and speed are determined by the diameter and volume of the body, and the pressure preload applied during manufacture.

As gas springs can produce high levels of force from a small size, it’s often possible to use compact versions. Such mini gas springs give tool designers more flexibility in how molding and stamping tools are configured, and even enable the combination of previously separate operations.

Supporting Manufacturers for More Than 40 Years

Pascal is known around the world for components and systems that boost the safety and productivity of molding, casting and stamping operations. Our standard products help manufacturers cut costs, increase output, and offer their customers new features and enhancements. 

For less common and particularly challenging applications, we can develop innovative solutions that give our customers advantages over their competition. Browse our website to learn more about our products and service, or contact us for more information.

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