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Pascal Workholding in Machining

Pascal workholding solutions excel in high-volume production machining environments for businesses seeking to automate their machining/fixturing processes. Many production facilities still use manual clamping solutions when making parts. As the manufacturing industry evolves, companies must utilize innovative technology and automate processes to keep pace. Pascal serves the leading automotive manufacturers worldwide, and these companies require the highest levels of quality, reliability and productivity from their machining fixtures to meet their production needs.

Benefits of Using Pascal Workholding

Smaller Machines, More Spindles

Pascal has enabled machining of large and heavy workpieces on small machining centers thanks to our machining fixture clamps. Using our roller gear index table and our hole clamps (also known as expansion or bottom clamps) permits the full envelope of the machine to be utilized. The space saved as a result allows you to put more machines on your production line.

Our indexer is compact and has an integrated rotary union to minimize the footprint even further. Utilizing a roller cam allows for much greater load carrying capability, accuracy and speed. Hole clamps allow for clamping using cast holes in the workpiece and provide access to each side of the workpiece. This makes for a smaller fixture compared to one that uses traditional clamps along the side of the workpiece.

Better Quality Parts and Crash Avoidance

Producing parts of the highest quality is the lifeline of any manufacturing business. While traditional part seat sensing has been satisfactory to date, chips and coolant can often interfere with these sensors.

To remedy this situation, Pascal has integrated internal sensing into our swing clampslink clampswork supports and hole clamps, offering a signal confirmation that the clamps have moved to the clamp, unclamp or mis-clamp position. This offers confirmation back to machine controls that helps avoid expensive crashes and prevents the manufacture of bad workpieces due to improper clamping.

Bottom Line Impact

If you’re not making chips, you’re not making money. Many businesses make costly investments in the best machine tools only to equip them with low-quality clamping solutions. Pascal can help to keep your machine moving so you can take full advantage of its capabilities.

For businesses looking to increase production capabilities, reduce downtime associated with crashes or bad parts, and achieve automated clamping/unclamping and pallet changing, look no further than Pascal Engineering. We have the right machine tool and fixture solutions for you.

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Need help finding the right product for your application?