Mold & Die Changer

Reduce Downtime With A Changer

Whether it be used for injection molding, casting, or stamping – molds and dies are the lifeblood of mass production manufacturing.  To keep up with the growing needs of the industry, manufacturers are supplying a higher mix of products than ever before, resulting in increased mold/die changes. Using traditional methods like a forklift or overhead crane to perform a die/mold change can waste lots of time that would be better spent on production, and often these methods can put the workers safety at risk. 

Traditional IMM mold change methods

Often workers have to climb on top of the injection molding machine to attach hooks to the mold for removal, and footing on top of an IMM can be precarious and slick with oil. It takes precision to guide the mold through the platens as it is removed with a crane.

Traditional Stamping press machine methods

Someone could get caught in a pinch point as they guide a forklift operator who is placing the die into a press. If things aren’t lined up properly the mold could be damaged in the process as well, costing thousands of dollars in time and materials to replace.

Automated Mold & Die Changer

Automating the mold and die changing process will keep workers safe and shortens the mold changing time considerably, leading to increased production and a quick return on investment. The mold or die can be placed on the mold/die changer while the IMM or press is in operation, stopping only for a quick swap. Pascal offers a wide variety of Mold and Die Changing Systems layouts for IMMs and metal stamping presses in various tonnages that can be configured meet your needs.

Manual Options

For those with limited space that seeking manual, non-track options, side loading mold change carts are available. Mold carts are especially useful for cleanrooms because one cart can be used for multiple machines to save on space. In addition, we also offer manual rail type mold changers.

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