Pascal Pump

Pascal Pump & Pressure switch

Pascal Pump & Pressure switch

Pascal’s Air-driven, Compact, High performance hydraulic pump is durable and reliable even in hot and humid environments. It converts compressed air force into high-pressure hydraulic power. Its unique air driven design consists of a smaller and lighter body. Due to the high durability and impact resistance for its size, it can be easily installed in a narrow or limited space, providing mobility. 

The boosting ratio can be selected from 9.4 to 95 times in 6 models. Secure and high speed reciprocation of the air and the hydraulic piston generates a repetitive suction and discharge of air and oil. As the hydraulic pressure becomes close to the designated level, the reciprocation becomes slower. At the designated hydraulic pressure, the driving air force and hydraulic force become balanced to maintain the pressure.

When balanced, there is no air consumption so there is no power loss or temperature increases in comparison to an electric pump. If there is a decrease in the downstream holding pressure, the pump immediately reacts to start recovering the pressure loss. It is a highly reliable mechanism because it is technologically programmed to maintain stable reciprocating movement ranging from 1 cycle/hour to 2000 cycle/minute. Pascal pumps are available in a variety of models, along with pressure switches and valves.

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