Mold & Die Rotator

Rotating large components pose a risk for those operating machinery and in the surrounding areas.   In many cases, overhead cranes are utilized to rotate these heavy parts, requiring people to be located under or near the part and risk injury to ensure it is rotated accurately.  Instead, our rotating solutions allow for safe and quick rotation of large sized components with the push of a button.  The use of a rotator will limit impact and reduce potential for damage to the components as well.

Utilizing our patented roller gear design provides high rigidity and excellent durability to achieve safe rotating operation. Rotations are completed anywhere from 15-60 seconds.  Our electric motor driven system allows for little to no maintenance adding to the time savings.  Hundreds of customers utilize our rotator to rotate molds, coils materials, wire rolls, and large casting parts from 1 to 50 tons in weight.

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