Magnet Clamp

Magnetic Clamping System for Injection Molding Machines & Stamping Presses

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What is a magnet clamp?

A magnet clamp plate consists of one set of two plates for moveable platen and fixed platen sides. Clamp force is evenly applied on all faces of the magnet core. No gaps are created between the machine’s platen surface and the center part of the mold which can help improve molding accuracy.

A magnet clamp automates the mold change process and eliminates the need for someone to put themselves at risk and waste time tightening bolts. In the narrow space it can take someone up to 60 minutes to manually replace the bolts for a 250 ton class injection molding machine. Pascal’s mag clamp reduces that time to just 15 minutes. It clamps and unclamps at the push of a button, procuring 45 more minutes for production!


With Pascal’s Magnet Clamp:

  • Molds can be clamped and unclamped in just 0.5-4.5 seconds.
  • Energy is only required when switching on and off.
  • Clamp remains magnetized even during a power outage.
  • There is no heat generation.
  • Mounting space for clamps is not required.
  • Horizontal loading is possible.

Easy Mold & Die Change

A magnet clamp is an integral part of a quick mold change system because it reduces downtime. It instantly clamps with strong permanent Neodymium and Alinco magnets!

It is designed for long-term use, and the force of the magnets will not decrease over time because it has no moving parts. In addition, the plate interior is maintenance free.

A wide range of options are available for injection molding machines ranging from 50 tons to 3,000 tons, including those for vertical IMM’s and two-color IMM’s. A compact, user friendly operation panel exclusively designed for the magnetic clamp can be installed to the IMM or the wall utilizing the rear tap hole.

The magnet clamp also works for metal stamping presses, high speed presses, and die casting machines. 


Cleanroom friendly

Magnetic clamps are also ideal for cleanrooms because they do not require pneumatic or hydraulics which could contaminate the environment. Pascal’s Magnetic clamp adheres to ISO Class 7 and 8 cleanroom standards.

  1. Electromagnetic coil is energized for 0.5 sec.
  2. Polarity of alnico magnet is inverted.
  3. Neodymium magnet and alnico magnet become homopolar.
  4. Magnet core securely clamps the mold.
  1. Electromagnetic coil is energized for 0.5 sec.
  2. Polarity of alnico magnet is inverted.
  3. Magnetic flux of neodymium magnet and alnico magnet is not emitted from the surface of the magnet core so that the mold can be unclamped.

Mold misalignment detection system

Pascal’s mag clamp can detect mold misalignment by using the electromagnetic coil built into the magnet core near the center of the clamp plate.  It numerically checks the die and it will detect if clamp force decreases due to high heat, material that is not easily magnetized, gaps due to dents or foreign material, and clearances like a cutout for a screw. If the mold moves or becomes misaligned, the electromagnetic coils generate an induction current signal, alerting the operator.

Safety Hooks

If the mold is wide open, safety hooks are a good safety measure in cases of user error. If the operator forgets to adjust the stroke of the ejector rods and the length is set too long, there is a danger of the mold being pushed off and falling. Having a mold hook in place can prevent accidents that could injure someone or damage the mold.

Operation Panel and Control Box

Clamps with sensors, a control panel and operation panel make up a safety interlock system that will help prevent accidents due to human error. It ensures that the operator is taking all the proper steps to perform the die change. The die change operation will not operate until the proper conditions are met. LED lights on the operation panel will indicate the current press conditions. If the die shifts or detaches even slightly, the detection system will catch it and halt operations in an emergency stop.

Mold size unification not necessary

It is not necessary to unify the mold sizes, attach a spacer or remake a mold plate because mounting space for the mold and automatic clamps is not required. As a result, the surface on the injection molding machine can be maximized.

Even if the mold height is uneven, you can load horizontally by simply adjusting the load height. With a conventional clamp, the mold plate would have to be reproduced.

Even if the mold height isn’t unified, by simply adjusting the load level, horizontal loading is possible.

With a mag clamp you only need a spacer.

Maximizes the mold’s machining surface

With a hydraulic air clamp, mounting space is necessary and the core cylinder, battery connector, coupler, hose, and other interferences can pose a problem. 

Note the interferences in the pictures below. A magnet clamp does not have these issues because it does not require mounting space, it frees up space on the mold’s machining surface.

Accessories & Options

Available accessories for the magnet clamp include:

  • Locate Ring (fixed side only)
  • Mold fall protection block (moveable side only)
  • Operation panel model ESMD
  • Control box EMGD
  • Control cables
  • Interlock
  • DD mag clamp

Other options are available such as non standard voltage arrangements, high temperature, rust proof polish, as well as mold fall protection hooks. Depending on your needed layout, we can work with a special core layouts, help you to incorporate an additional magnet core, as well as offer options for horizontal loading.

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