Robot Gas Balancer, Tool Changer & Other Options

Save time and free up workspace

Pascal Robotic Products

Pascal’s lightweight nitrogen gas counter balancer for industrial motion control makes it possible to use smaller robots, freeing up space and reducing the burden on the machine. The robot gas balancer is compact and has a much smaller base than that of a balancer with a coil spring. This allows more robots to be installed in the same amount of space, boosting production. Its low spring constant also reduces the load on the machine. It is designed with a free stroke length and capacity. 


Pascal Robot Tool Changer

The robot tool changer allows robots to be multi-functional and shortens setup time, which can support high-mix, low-volume production. It is designed to automatically change the end effector for robots. 

Master plate: The built-in ball lock system connects and disconnects the tool plate with pneumatic lock and unlock actions. Multiple ports are available for air and electric supply (electric contact is an option).

Electric connector module (optional): This special spring connector ensures the connection is secure.

Tool Plate: The plate to mount the end effector. The amount of tool plates required is dependent on the amount of end effectors used.

It comes in 8 models and has applicable payloads ranging from 5-200kg.


Pal Coupling

The Pal coupling is available for a change of grippers. A single clamp can provide highly accurate centering and high rigid clamping by engaging the octagonal taper cone to restrain the X, Y, and θ axis as well as the seating surface to restrain the Z axis. It has a repeatability of 3μm, and it is space saving for storage.


Magnetic Gripper

The magnetic gripper uses a magnet clamp as a versatile gripper for industrial robot arms. It is a transfer device that can instantly clamp onto magnetic substances. Energy is only required when switching on and off, and not required when clamping. The workpiece will not fall down due to a power outage. 




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